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Who's This Fool?

Hey! I'm Purr.I'm an adult physically located in Wisconsin. (My sleep schedule doesn't seem to have gotten the message.) My birthday is on April 17th!I'm demi-bi, very queer (and very proud of it), and my pronouns are they/them.Some of my favorite things: FFXIV, petsites, cooking, making mediocre art, polyhedral dice, space, the color purple, and pensive emojis

Before You Follow (Or Whatever)

I'm fine interacting with minors (but please be honest about whether or not you are a minor) and I do my best to keep my social media SFW.I firmly believe that Black lives matter, that police should not have the role they do in modern society, that TERFs are a waste of space, and that pedophilia is a mental illness and not an identity. If you disagree with any of these statements, we will not be able to have any kind of productive conversation and I don't want to hear from you, thanks!I am not neurotypical and I am mentally ill. While I do my best to not let my personal issues get the better of me, I am not psychic, so If I've upset or hurt you because of something I said please don't hesitate to reach out and let me know! I genuinely try to be a kind and understanding person, but it can be hard for me to figure out when I've hurt someone's feelings.

queer, gay, trans, nonbinary, demiromantic, bisexual, sapphic, genderfluid
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